Monday, 20 March 2017

All about: Inspiration ✍️

ED: Hi all! Welcome to our latest discussion. Today we will be talking about inspiration!
KC: Yaaaaaaay. Is this going to be boring?
ED: No way! Today I'm going to to give readers some top tips to become inspired to writ AMAZING stories!!!
KC: Oh, all right. When are we starting?
KC: No.
<Emily gives dirty look>
KC: Oh, all right.
ED: Behave. Now, step 1. Make a list of what inspires you.
KC: 1., um, i'm stuck.
ED: Why do we do this? Making a record gives you something to go back to. Now this leads us to the WRITERS TOOL!
KC: Oh, ok.
<Hides game player>
ED: The notebook. Take one with you EVERYWHERE YOU GO. Record what inspires you.
KC: Yeah, ok. Then you can go and play games. It's fine by me.
ED: Uh, no. Step 2. Kitty, ask me what step 2 is. (Show some interest.)
KC: Oh, fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. What is step 2?
ED: Step 2. Regularly review your notebooks. Its time to ask your self some questions. What inspirers me? Is there a common vein in what objects/works i've recorded? How does this affect my writing? Now, step 3-
KC: Take a break. You get a lot of inspiration from games and books. Can I go do step 3?
ED: Books, yes. Games, #uninspiring Step 3- This is a really fun step! (In other words, Kitty, be excited!!!)
KC: Yaaaaaaaaay. (How could you  say that about games?!)
ED: MAKE AN INSPIRATION STATION!! It can be part of your wall, your door a board, etc. Stick up quotes, pictures, cards, photos, drawings- what ever inspires you! (And if its games-don't worry, I won't hunt you down and make you change!)
ED: Oh well. Its all rather ho-hum. But, as we both know your the queen of inspiration stations, do you have any tips on making one?
*please note: Emily is referring to a few minecraft posters on my wall*
KC: No. Except maybe play games? Haha just kidding.
ED: Grrrr. *cooperate*
KC: Fine. But my inspo stations are just a just a few posters mostly about games.
ED: (Thank you) Well readers, I hope you learnt lots. Before we go, lets review.
Step 1: Collect inspiration
Step 2: review and ask questions
Step 3: play games Make an inspiration station
All right readers, time for us to head off. Have lots of fun with your inspiration stations!!!!
KC: Can I get on with my game now?
ED: As long as I don't have to play minecraft.
KC: Ok. I'll play minecraft story mode!! (They are completely different!! And it's single player, don't worry!!)
ED: Bye readers!!!
KC: What? Oh, bye. AAAAGGGH!!! CREEPERS!!!
ED: Oh. You died. Bye!
KC: *sniff*

-KC and ED

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Why cats are scared of cucumbers 🙀

Hello! Just a little story of mine!
Get inspired!
What to learn from this story:
-Take something dumb and make it dumber!
-Stretch the dumb to breaking point!
-Use stupid names!
-Use a theme to make it funnier! e.g.. Horror, History

Once upon a time.. There was a cat called Turnip. One day, his owners left the house. Then there was a knock on the door. Ok, not a knock. A load bang. Turnips head slowly turned. He tip-toed to the door. (did I mention? he is a very stupid cat) He pushed the door open and...
It was the evil CUTTIUS VON CUCUMBER!!!

And from then on, Turnip was never the  same.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Just links (Pranked you! not a post) 😝

Here are our links:

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This is my main blog, hit and miss!
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This is my art blog! I do arty stuff and arty, arty stuff!
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This is my blog of media reviews...that's reviews of books, movies, and music (and eventually websites).  Here I'm building a repertoire of reviews so you can pick the right book for you!
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And here is my second blog...of Christian news, living, prayers, etc.

Welcome post 😀

KC: Hello! I am Kitty a.k.a Jaynie!
ED: Hiya!  I'm Emily D!  Welcome to Write on!
KC: Want to be an author? You have come to the "write" place! (sorry)
ED: That's right!  This is a site by young writers for young writers!  
KC: Em!!! We aren't published writers yet! 😼
ED: True...(remember this readers) but we are in a sense...we're published on the internet.  We haven't published any books-YET!  But we still write!
KC: Is the lecture over? Whew! Anyway, this site is for our tips, interviews and reviews! Er... right?
ED: we hope to practise our writing skills and give other writers encouragement!  
(PS: Lectures are important.)

-KC and ED